Hemorrhoid Creams and Ointments

Over the Counter Hemorrhoid Treatment

Most of hemorrhoid sufferers are sure to seek out at least one over the counter hemorrhoid treatment when he or she has hemorrhoids. The itching, burning, discomfort and pain associated with hemorrhoids can be very hard to deal with, especially for active people who may be juggling a career or school with family responsibilities.  It can be a bit overwhelming to decide which product to use due to the large number which are available on the marketplace. However, this guide should help you to decide which OTC or over the counter hemorrhoid treatment to try.

Hemorrhoid Creams and Relief Ointment

Many over the counter hemorrhoid treatment products contain drugs which are used to treat itching and to reduce swelling and inflammation. Common products include hemorrhoid cream which is to be meant to be applied around the anus as a thin covering. In addition to hemorrhoid creams, there are also gels and hemorrhoid relief ointment preparations to consider. Most of these products can also safely be inserted into the anus with a finger or pile pipe. If a pile pipe is used, it should have holes in the sides of it so that the compound can seep out onto the irritated areas.

Local Anesthetics

Althought not as popular as hemorrhoid creams, many people find relief with OTC local anesthetics as they provide temporary relief from pain, burning and itching by making the nerve endings numb. These local anesthetics include Benzocaine 5%, Benzyl alcohol 5% to 20%, Dibucaine 0.25% to 1.0%, Lidocaine 2% to 5% and Tetracaine 0.5% to 5.0%. Which local anesthetic to use is dependent upon the severity of the hemorrhoids as some are stronger than others. It is always advisable to ask your doctor which brand name and strength is best for you. You also should read label directions carefully to ensure that you choose the right product for you.


Other over the counter hemorrhoid treatment products commonly used are vasoconstrictors. These are chemicals which are similar to epinephrine which is a natural occurring chemical.  When applied to the affected area, vasoconstrictors shrink the swollen blood vessels which help to reduce inflammation and general swelling. They also can help cut down on pain levels. The most common vasoconstrictors are: Ephendrine Sulfate, Epinephrine and Phenylephrine which is what is in Preparation H – the most widely used hemorrhoid relief ointment which is proven effective for many sufferers.

Preparation H has been hailed as the best over the counter hemorrhoid treatment product for many years. This product is available as an hemorrhoid relief ointment, hemorrhoid cream and suppository to help reduce swelling, itching and pain that accompany hemorrhoids.


Speaking of suppositories, there are many on the market which are designed to help with reducing the symptoms of hemorrhoids. Suppositories are bullet-shaped and are made of a binding substance that melts at body temperatures to release the hemorrhoid medications into the affected area. A hemorrhoid suppository is meant to be inserted into the end of the anus so that the medication can be released to the affected area. The most popular brand names in suppositories for hemorrhoids are Preparation H, Calmol-4 and Tucks.


There are many over the counter protectants available which can be rubbed on the hemorrhoids. These products provide a barrier to the skin so that stool or liquid does not become an irritant to the hemorrhoids.  Aluminum hydroxide gel, lanolin, kaolin, cocoa butter, lanolin and mineral oil are protectants to consider using.

Concerning which over the counter hemorrhoid treatment to use, you could see success with the first treatment you try such as Preparation H hemorrhoid cream. Or, you could end up trying several hemorrhoid treatments until you find one that proves effective for you. We all are different which means what works for one person may not work for the next. As with any other medical condition, see your doctor if you cannot find relief from your hemorrhoids using an over the counter hemorrhoid treatment. If you have persistent bleeding seek immediate medical care as you may have more issues than hemorrhoids to address.

Also it is recommended to try natural hemorrhoid treatments first before trying over hemorrhoid creams or hemorrhoid relief ointments. As majority OTC hemorrhoid treatments have side effects that natural treatment methods do not have.