Are Hemorrhoids Dangerous?

Even the calmest person can plunge into a state of frenzy at the sight of blood in the rectum. It is never a pleasant experience to see blood coming from any part of the body but when it appears in the anus or stools it can be cause for alarm. More often than not if you do experience bleeding in this region it can be attributed to hemorrhoids. The next question would of course be, are hemorrhoids dangerous? We will explore the answers to this question in this article.

Hemorrhoids DangersHemorrhoids form when the clusters of veins found in the rectum and anus become swollen and distended. Hemorrhoids are usually associated with chronic constipation and anything that causes strain on the bowels such as the pressure caused by a growing baby during pregnancy. Rectal muscles that become weakened with age can lead to bulging or prolapsed hemorrhoids.

The good news is that hemorrhoids are rarely dangerous. In fact most cases can be treated successfully at home with the help of natural hemorrhoid treatments, sitz baths, over the counter creams to take care of the itching and by the inclusion of the recommended daily fiber intake in the diet for a more long term solution. The dangers of hemorrhoids mainly  involve serious discomfort, pain and risk of inflammation.

While the appearance of blood can be alarming it is most likely a result of the tearing of a hemorrhoid vein wall during a bowel movement. The increased pressure within the veins brought on by adding strain during a bowel movement can cause it to burst and this is the reason for the blood you see. Now, that said you should take note that sometimes, just sometimes, bleeding from the rectum can be a sign that something more serious is going on down there.

Some diseases such as those related to anorectal conditions which result in the formation of fissures, abscesses and fistulas can all exhibit symptoms that are similar to hemorrhoids. Inflammatory bowel diseases such as Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn’s disease and sexually transmitted diseases such as anal warts, herpes, syphilis, Chlamydia and gonorrhea also display symptoms of anal bleeding, itching and pain which can also be attributed to hemorrhoids. Finally polyps and cancer also show symptoms which can be mistakenly diagnosed as hemorrhoids by the inexperienced. These symptoms usually show up in the advanced stages of cancer and will be detected by a doctor with the help of a colonoscopy.

The mention of these related diseases is not meant to cause further alarm. They are however meant to communicate the seriousness with which you should view symptoms of prolonged bleeding and pain in the rectum. You should seek medical attention from a doctor who treats hemorrhoids to receive a correct diagnosis if you are not one hundred certain that you are suffering from hemorrhoids and to identify any possible dangers of hemorrhoids based on their type and age. Untreated hemorrhoids have more risks associated with them as blood clots entering blood circulatory system and then dangers associated with surgery if they are allowed to develop into latter stages.

Ahemorrhoids dangerousre Hemorrhoids Dangerous?

If you are certain that hemorrhoids are the cause of your bleeding, discomfort and pain the question still remains, are hemorrhoids dangerous? They are not and usually with proper treatment using creams, natural remedies and some important lifestyle changes that involve diet and exercise you will be able to get rid of hemorrhoids. In very cases surgery might be recommended as a last resort by doctors who treat hemorrhoids.