Hemorrhoids Pictures

What do hemorrhoids look like?

If you are wondering if the chances are good that you or someone you care about is suffering from hemorrhoid symptoms as itching, burning and unpleasantness in your anal area. It could be too that you have felt something unusual near your anus or maybe have seen blood on the toilet paper or in the toilet bowel after having a bowel movement. You can view some hemorrhoid pictures here to see if what you have are comparable. We also added links to website that have high resolution and close up hemorrhoid pictures.

Hemorrhoids usually appear as small lumps which form around the anus. The shape, size and number of hemorrhoids visible can be different from person to person. Many affected people report that their hemorrhoids look like flattened grapes or similar to grape-like clusters. Some internal hemorrhoids which have prolapsed outside the anus can look like soft tissue which has dropped from the anus. The hemorrhoids are typically light red or brownish in color and they are usually found close to the rim of the anus. Thrombosed hemorrhoids are those which have blood clots inside. These are typically dark red or purple/blue in color.

In order to start treating hemorrhoids you need to know the answer to the question ‘What do hemorrhoids look like?’ by seeing high quality hemorrhoid pictures like those we have provided here. Once you have viewed the hemorrhoids pictures here and are sure that you do indeed have hemorrhoids, you can go ahead and begin hemorrhoids treatment.


Extrernal Hemorrhoid

External Hemorrhoid

Internal Hemorrhoid

Internal Hemorrhoid


Internal and External Hemorrhoids