Natural Hemorrhoid Treatment

Home Remedies for Hemorrhoids

Most people who suffer with hemorrhoids find relief through the use of some type of natural hemorrhoid treatment methods. Hemorrhoids can be embarrassing, uncomfortable and painful which leads many affected individuals to seek home remedies for hemorrhoids.

Garlic - Natural Hemorrhoid TreatmentThe best hemorrhoids home treatment options are those which have no side effects and the vast majority of natural cure for hemorrhoids have no side effects comparing to over the counter hemorrhoid treatment. Many natural hemorrhoid treatment options are generally quite cheap and consist of things you already have at home or which are readily available in stores. Anyone with hemorrhoids can benefit from trying one of the natural home remedies for hemorrhoids at least once. Doing something as simple as blotting the affected area gently with toilet paper moistened with a cleansing agent such as Balneol after bowel movements could be the solution. Baby wipes also could be used for this purpose. And with such a  simple home remedies for hemorrhoids one can safe time, money and especially heath affected by hemorrhoid removal methods.


List of Natural home Cures for Hemorrhoids

  • One of the most common home remedies for hemorrhoids involves applying ice several times a day for about ten minutes at a time. The ice application is usually followed by placing a warm compress on the anal area for about fifteen minutes. Doing this cold/heat application repeatedly helps to reduce the inflammation, itching and swelling associated with hemorrhoids.
  • Natural Hemorrhoid Treatment - FiberBed rest is another natural hemorrhoid treatment that works for some people. This can be especially helpful for women having hemorrhoids during pregnancy as the uterus and large belly will not be pressing down on the anal region just like when sitting. Constant pressure on the anal area is a cause of hemorrhoids in many people so relieving that pressure is always helpful in treating hemorrhoids.  It is also deemed useful to sleep on your stomach with a pillow under the hips as this too helps to alleviate pressure and swelling.
  • Since one of the main hemorrhoids causes is constipation, one of the most used hemorrhoids home treatment options includes changing one’s diet. Most of us eat about 15 grams worth of fiber a day to keep us ‘regular’. Hemorrhoid sufferers can see their hemorrhoids disappear by doubling that amount of fiber. Drinking at least eight glasses of water daily is also beneficial in keeping constipation at bay.
  • Excellent natural hemorrhoid relief are daily hot baths with Epson salts and other bath salts which have eucalyptus listed as the main ingredient. Another popular hemorrhoids home treatment used is to rub the area gently with a cotton ball soaked with witch hazel and garlic juice. Witch hazel is a natural astringent which helps to reduce inflammation and swelling. There are pads available which are pre-soaked with witch hazel such as Tucks.
  • A tried and true natural hemorrhoid treatment many people have success with is to apply a lubricant gel to the area and to leave it there overnight. This can help to reduce friction to the area which turning during your sleep.  Applying a thin coat of Vick’s Vapo Rub during the daytime can take the pain and itching away and can help to reduce the swelling.
  • Another hemorrhoids home treatment to try is to brew a strong warm tea using yarrow or Lady’s Mantle. Apply the warm tea to the affected area with a cotton ball several times a day. This has proven helpful in shrinking the hemorrhoids and soothing the surrounding tissue.


Natural Hemorrhoid Treatment Tips

Hot PeppersHemorrhoids can be painful at any time but most are painful after having a bowel movement. It is therefore important never to ignore the need to use the toilet. Unfortunately many people with hemorrhoids symptoms try not to go to the restroom because they know that it will be painful. Doing this will inevitably lead to more pain because the feces will absorb liquid, causing hard stools which can make hemorrhoids hurt even more. It is essential to clean the anal area after every bowel movement. If possible, take a bath or a shower after each bowel movement and be sure to dry well by gently blotting the area.

Some foods can contribute to the pain, itching, burning and discomfort associated with hemorrhoids. Try not to eat many strong spices and avoid drinking excessive amounts of coffee, beer and cola products. As you can see, there are many available home remedies for hemorrhoids. If you find that nothing seems to work in getting rid of the problem, you should see your doctor so that a proper diagnosis can be made. Your physician can prescribe medications and may even speak to you about making lifestyle changes and of having some type of procedure done such as surgery, hemorrhoids laser treatment or rubber band ligation.