Hemorrhoids Laser Surgery

What is Hemorrhoids Laser Treatment?

Hemorrhoid Laser TreatmentMany hemorrhoid sufferers find that home remedies and over-the-counter hemorrhoid treatment medications prove helpful to keep the pain, itching and burning under control. However, for the many people who have more severe cases of hemorrhoids, these methods do not work well. If you have hemorrhoids which are very resistant to gels, creams and non-invasive type treatments, you should consider speaking to your doctor about hemorrhoids laser treatment.

With hemorrhoid laser treatment or surgery as it is also called, a small laser is used to eliminate the hemorrhoids. This type of hemorrhoids treatment is typically reserved for severe, large hemorrhoids as it is invasive in nature. There is very little bleeding involved with laser hemorrhoid surgery because the laser beam used cauterizes the blood vessels while it removes the hemorrhoid itself, thus doing away with the need for sutures. Another ‘plus’ which is associated with hemorrhoids laser surgery is the fact that a patient can quickly resume his/her normal activities in just a day or two. Why this is possible is because the tissue around the hemorrhoids does not swell or bleed when a laser is used.

Advantages of Hemorrhoid Laser Treatment

Hemorrhoid Laser Surgery RecoveryLaser hemorrhoid surgery offers more advantages. First, there is no bleeding to worry about as mentioned above. The precise, small laser beam seals the blood vessels it cuts which stops bleeding. There also is very little damage done to surrounding tissue which dramatically cuts down on the possibility of any complications arising such as infections. Additionally, a patient is not required to stay in the hospital longer than one day when he or she has had laser hemorrhoid surgery done – fast recovery.

The laser light used in hemorrhoids laser treatment destroys the hemorrhoid as it is simply vaporized. The beam of light is infinitely small which allows for great precision and accuracy. This helps to facilitate fast, unimpaired healing. Hemorrhoid laser surgery has a high patient satisfaction rate as once the procedure is done, the hemorrhoids are gone.

Disadvantages of Hemorrhoid Laser Surgery

Hemorrhoid Laser Treatment ExpensesIt should be noted that laser surgery is rather costly to undergo if a patient has no health insurance coverage due to the fact that the laser equipment used is very expensive. It is therefore important to check that your health insurance covers laser hemorrhoid surgery before committing to the procedure. Also make sure to reduce all the hemorrhoids causes and try some natural hemorrhoid treatment methods before decision to go with the laser treatment.

Once a patient has undergone hemorrhoids laser treatment, he or she will be told to limit his/her lifting and to refrain from partaking in heavy exercise for a couple of weeks as doing so will promote healing. It is also common for a post-laser surgery patient to be told to eat a healthy well-balanced diet which includes foods rich in fiber to help ensure that no new hemorrhoids develop in the future.