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Prolapsed Hemorrhoid Treatment

Just as you were beginning to wrap your thoughts around and come to terms with the fact that you have hemorrhoids here comes the realization that your hemorrhoids have prolapsed. Say what? Prolapsed hemorrhoids is simply a fancy way of referring to internal hemorrhoids that have become so  enlarged that they have no choice but to drop or protrude outside of your rectal canal. Quite different from external hemorrhoids which have their origins from the outside the prolapsed hemorrhoids start from the inside and protrude out. In the following paragraphs we will explore some options for treatment of prolapsing internal hemorrhoid.

Causes and Prevention of Prolapsed Hemorrhoids

Prolapsed HemorrhoidsAnything that leads to the strain of the vessels in the rectal area can result in the formation of hemorrhoids. Strain can be brought on by constipation or diarrhea, strenuous activities, pregnancy and even old age. Another factor that must be considered as a probable cause of hemorrhoid is obesity. An obese person has extra fat that can add extra pressure on the rectal veins, reduce muscle tone and result in bad posture which will put stress on the rectal veins.

Hemorrhoids in general including prolapsing internal hemorrhoids can be prevented by increasing your daily fluid intake which will maintain proper and regular bowel movement. Include vegetables, fruits and lots of whole grain, which are all good sources of fiber, in your diet in other to keep the stools soft and free flowing. Develop a habit of taking walks daily since even moderate exercise will go a long way in increasing muscle tone and healthy veins that are not easily strained.

Symptoms of Prolapsed Hemorrhoids

You can identify and easily distinguish your prolapsed hemorrhoids from external hemorrhoids by the fact that the prolapsed hemorrhoid will protrude from the inside of the rectum, is usually wet and covered with mucus from the rectum and can cause bleeding with the passage of stools. Although prolapsed hemorrhoids are usually painless there are cases where the external mass of tissue can be so inflamed that they cause severe pain.

Degrees of Prolapsed Hemorrhoids

To further complicate things, or perhaps just to classify prolapsed hemorrhoids in the medical field, there are three degrees of prolapsed hemorrhoids. They are grades II, III and IV. If your hemorrhoids have reached a prolapsed stage they are classified as either grade III or grade IV. In the third stage the tissue can be placed back manually within the anal canal but in the fourth stage it cannot be reinserted and will continuously hang outside the anus. The second degree is not as severe and in this case is rarely observed since it will only emerge from the rectum with the passage of stools but will retract almost immediately afterward.

Prolapsed Hemorrhoid Treatment

The treatment of prolapsing internal hemorrhoid all depends on their severity. Warm water baths can help the discomfort and pain associated with inflammation and ointments and creams can relieve itching and swelling.

In more severe cases (grade IV prolapsed hemorrhoids) a Hemorroidectomy might be recommended which involves the surgical removal of the hemorrhoid. This procedure requires some time for recovery and there will be excessive pain following the procedure.

A Stapled Hemorrhoidectomy is another option which works by reducing the flow of blood to the inflamed tissue and so the hemorrhoid is starved from a supply of blood. Since it is much less painful than Hemorrhoidectomy and requires much less time for recovery it is the prolapsed hemorrhoid treatment most preferred by both doctors and patients.

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